Quinoa and Mixed Vegetable Salad

Salad for staying in Shape
This is for someone who wanted to stay in shape,loss weight but it is not necessary to skip meal,this recipe is energy booster, easy to prepare and on the go lunch for work,I know with hectic schedule at work,family and life its very hard to stay on the track with what we eat and sometimes we ended up having bunch of food which lack of nutrients that our body needs to acquire during the day, as a new mom it is challenging for me to balance life,work,time for my little one ,for my Husband ,for myself, with so many responsibilities and energy subsides we always tends to pick the easy options with out hesitation yet if we plan ahead of time and let our imagination explore the horizon of clean eating we always ended up on something that is much healthier yet loaded with energy and gives us benefits in a long run,we need to be wise and set as an example to our children in terms of healthy eating and i think that`s the best way to start and teach them to love and care for themselves,enjoy this recipe as much as I am its very easy to prepare for the entire family,and if you are trying to shed some pounds this is the perfect recipes for you very filling with bunch of nutrients

and this Recipes does not require longer time to prepare

What you need
1 cup of Quinoa
half lemon
1 Tbsp Olive oil
Half cup of Sunflower seeds
half cup dried cranberry
salt to taste

Boil 1 and half cup of water,add 1 tsp of salt,then add quinoa set aside to cool down
Mix all the remaining ingredients adjust the dressing to your taste,Mix in quinoa and top it with cranberry and sunflower;

Mikhaela M

Hello!!! I'm a mom of one little angel that turn my world into a hundred a eighty degree,like you I'm struggling to balance my Work,Family, Life, how to take care of myself and how to spend those special moment with my daughter as she grow up it hard i know but as a mom we have to balance it all together for our family to stick together,I myself is certified Medical Laboratory Technician and being in the field of Healthcare for quite sometime now helping people around me either my colleague,my Family,Friends or A new mom like me achieve what they wanted in life gives me an inspiration and that proves that compassion,dedication and hard work is always best paid off when you offer it truly coming from your heart

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