Quinoa with Garden Salad and Grilled Chicken

Making Garden Salad is one of fun salad you could play with when planning for a healthy meal for family with Grilled Chicken as topping and side it with Quinoa, these recipes is all you need for a complete nutritional value in your Diet,it is children’s friendly recipe, energy boosting for losing weight, and always on the go for a hectic schedule, for my preference I always add up spinach, dried cranberry or sunflower seed to spice up the taste, and by adding Quinoa to it you can get most of protein and fiber that our body needs to build muscle and body tissues.

1 C of Quinoa-222 Calories
(I used quinoa from Costco its organic and save money if you buy Bulk)
1/2 chicken breast-165 Calories
1 C (191)g green Salad-291 Calories

For 4 Serving

1C Quinoa
Pinch of salt
1C of water
1 Boneless Chicken Breast
Mixed green salad of your choice
(I used young spinach and head lettuce)
Dried ceanberry
Sun flower seeds

For Dressing
2 whole Lemon or Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tbsp olive oil
1)Wash Quinoa and mix all above ingredients and bring to boil until quinoa is cooked
2)1 skinless and debone Chicken Breast
Wash and pat it dry season it with salt, B-pepper and Oregano Bake for 400 degrees in 20 15-20 min.
3)Get Green Vegetables Ready set side
4)When chicken ready slice thinly
5)Mix Dressing ang Green Vegetables
6) Put the chicken slice on top of green salad and Viola!!!! You got a healthy and full meal