Detox for Weight Loss

Detox Recipe
Detox is one of the effective way to loss weight and flushing out Toxin in our system and this recipe is working well, I have tried for one week and i can see the difference in my body,before i got pregnant with my little one i was 115 pounds to 120 pounds for a women who is 5 foot tall,and that was a very ideal weight for my height,I was about 6 months pregnant when i started feeling like a balloon started to get bigger and bigger and bigger until i didn’t even notice that i am already hitting the scale into 160 pounds,soon when i gave birth i struggle a lot with my weight,it’s like roller coaster and here i am a new mom struggling to loos weight,adapting everything a new mom has to adapt and that includes lesser sleep ,lesser time for myself and my husband, i feel crap and said to my self i gotta do something about these, and it is true that in order for you to take care of your love one’s you gotta start taking care of yourself first, I start setting my brain before starting a diet plan and looking at some recipe for weight loos,exercise,and all those self help procedure to loose even a small pounds,and that’s why I’m here for you to share the knowledge i have and help achieve those weight goal you have, check out as well some healthy and clean eating recipe i have it will help you get where you wanted to been and for sure If you can make it sure you do it too.add physical activity that is fits for your level of resistance but be mindful that before you start any physical activity you should consult with your physician first to have a go signal especially for mommy who just bring them little angel in this world take it slowly

Mikhaela M

Hello!!! I'm a mom of one little angel that turn my world into a hundred a eighty degree,like you I'm struggling to balance my Work,Family, Life, how to take care of myself and how to spend those special moment with my daughter as she grow up it hard i know but as a mom we have to balance it all together for our family to stick together,I myself is certified Medical Laboratory Technician and being in the field of Healthcare for quite sometime now helping people around me either my colleague,my Family,Friends or A new mom like me achieve what they wanted in life gives me an inspiration and that proves that compassion,dedication and hard work is always best paid off when you offer it truly coming from your heart

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